Content Brainstorm Book by Amy Smereck

Does your content lack pizazz?

Is your content ho-hum, boring, blah, your basic yawn-fest? For both you and your readers? 🥱

That's a shame, because your insights and perspectives are important! Your audience needs to 
  • read what you have to write,
  • hear what you have to say,
  • see what you have to video...

The cure for the content blues is Content Brainstorm Book.

Content Brainstorm Book

Content Brainstorm Book is a workbook which leads content creators through five steps to empower, eliminate roadblocks, and bring energy and effectiveness to the content creation process.

5 steps to energizing your content creation process

In just five steps, you can transition from producing uninspired articles on autopilot to crafting posts you are proud of with the confidence of a content alchemist!  

  1. Motivation
  2. Mindset 
  3. Mining and Melding
  4. Mapping and Moving
  5. Members

When you work through this book you will replace “accidental” content creation with intentional content creation and reap more benefits from your writing and publishing time.

Content Brainstorm Book


What exactly will I receive when I purchase Content Brainstorm Book?

You will receive a 29-page pdf file which can be read on a tablet, laptop, or other device. To view the pdf you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can also print the file if you prefer to read a paper copy. 

How long will it take me to read this?

While the book can be skimmed quickly, it is recommended that you reflect on and work through the steps in the book to strengthen your content creation "muscles." This book is a resource you can refer to repeatedly. 

I noticed you seem to like alliteration.

Yes, I suppose I do. If you are not fond of (or at least tolerant of) the letter M you may want to rethink purchasing this book. 🙃